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Caving - Tennessee

Tennessee offers some of the finest places in the country to discover unique geologic strata. Tennessee caverns, caves, and passages often house underground lakes and streams. Caving helps people in overcoming fear of the unknown.

Tennessee has over 8,600 caves, more than any other state in the U.S. Tennessee caves.

• Blue Springs Cave - Located on private property in White County, Blue Springs Cave is 33 miles long with an elevation of 1,080'. It is the longest known cave in Tennessee.

• Camps Gulf Cave - Located in Fall Creek Falls State Park, the cave entrance is located at the base of a 120 foot tall bluff. Camps Gulf Cave has nearly 7 miles of known passageways and is one of Tennessee's longest caves.

Cumberland Caverns - Cumberland Caverns is Tennessee’s largest show cave. It is 27 miles long and displays some of the largest underground rooms in eastern America. It also features waterfalls, gleaming pools, spectacular formations, and even a 3/4 ton chandelier.

Hubbard's Cave - The cave contains three separate forks, each opening at the main entrance and giving forth to distinctively contoured passages of varying lengths and dimensions. The west fork (the longest of the three), for example, reveals rooms reaching 50 feet in height and is decorated with magnificent gypsum formations. The south fork is the location of one of the most important bat hibernaculae in the world.

Rumbling Falls Cave - Rumbling Falls Cave contains the largest cave room in the eastern U.S. and the second largst in America. The cave is 15 miles long.

Xanadu Cave System - Xanadu Cave System is located in northern Tennessee in Fentress County, about 8 miles south of Jamestown off highway 127. The cave is 23 miles long.

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